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My experience

It’s only fair to talk about my own experience now. I was quite reluctant to do so. I’m afraid that I’m one of those moms who…

When you can’t take it anymore

Breastfeeding aversion is a phenomenon experienced by breastfeeding mothers. They might have negative thoughts while nursing or experience some anxiety. The solution to the aversion to breastfeeding is not to stop breastfeeding, the only thing that is created is more frustration to the mother.

Some essentials

There are very few things a new mom needs to sucesfully breastfeed. You could reduce it to one breast and a baby. I would add some knowledge, calm and support. And then a handful of material things.

Why support pro-breastfeeding policies

On yesterday’s post I talked about a woman’s right to breastfeed or not. In a time when we are talking about consent and about a woman’s right to life freely, I thought it was important to remind us that free will also applies to motherhood.

However, when, according to WHO only about 40% of infants 0–6 months old are exclusively breastfed, it becomes clear that this is a social issue.

Book Review: Feed Yourself, Feed Your Family: Good Nutrition and Healthy Cooking for New Mums and Growing Families by: La Leche League

When my son was approaching the 6 months mark I felt pressured to start giving him food. I really didn’t know where to start. I had some instincts. I decided to go to la Leche League’s web and found this book. Featuring seventy-five recipes along with nutritional information this book is an excellent guide for new parents.