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Zutaten – All das übrig gebliebene Gemüse in Ihrer Küche oder gefrorenes Gemüse. Du brauchst ungefähr zwei Tassen. – 2 Liter Brühe – 150 Gramm Suppenteigwaren…

Sopa Minestrone

Ingredientes – Todas las verduras sobrantes que tengas en tu cocina o algunas verduras congeladas. Necesitas alrededor de dos tazas. – 2 litros de caldo –…

Being present: Sleep Hygiene

I have been reading about sleeping hygiene and trying to apply some of its principles.
Hopefully, this is a post that makes me stick to new routines and improve my health. In the last few years, I have been sleeping poorly. Granted, having a child does not help. However, I seem to have difficulty sleeping regardless.

Being present: The importance of table manners

Being present around the table really makes food better (and feel better too). I was eating quickly and anxiously, mostly because of short work lunches. You know what I mean, those lunches (sometimes at the desk) where you devour all the food on your Tupper in five minutes and get back to work in a comatose state. Evidently, this isn’t healthy.
So, we are back to what my parents taught me growing up