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Hape toys review

Do you know the toy brand, Hape? I love these toys. They are affordable but good quality and the company has some ethics, which is great. By the way, this is not sponsored at all (I wish) but I included affiliated links to Amazon.
Hape is the world’s largest producer of wooden toys. If you go through their website you can see that they invest in the quality of their toys (they have multiple quality certifications) but also on giving back to the environment and community. This is a plus for me.


Book Review: Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen

As with all parenting books, I take notes from them and try to incorporate what I like to my own parenting style. If it doesn’t feel right, I don’t follow their guidance. This book made me work harder than other parenting books because I had to work on my fear of ridicule.
Mr Cohen parental style is based on play, mostly silly play and rough play. It’s very physical and can be hard to get used to as a stiff adult. Sorry, to call you stiff but with adulthood we lose spontaneity, empathy and the joy of playing. It took me a while to be comfortable doing goofy faces, falling dramatically and overexaggerating my gestures to connect with my son. But once got there, I vowed to never go back.

My love/hate relationship with TV

Am I the only one who feels bad about letting their children watch TV? Please tell me I am not. To be fair I never wanted to have a TV at home. But my husband really wanted one and we ended up with one. It’s not that I hate TV. I love watching TV shows. But let’s face it, once you have it on your living room the temptation to turn it on is too big. If we had a spare room I would move it there so that we could have a TV free living room.

My experience

It’s only fair to talk about my own experience now. I was quite reluctant to do so. I’m afraid that I’m one of those moms who…

Fun ways to learn the numbers

There are thousands of ways to learn the numbers, from a walk through your neighborhood to eating mini pretzels. In this blog post, I mention some of the games I do with my little one to learn how to count, recognize numbers and understand their value.