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Being present: The importance of table manners

Being present around the table really makes food better (and feel better too). I was eating quickly and anxiously, mostly because of short work lunches. You know what I mean, those lunches (sometimes at the desk) where you devour all the food on your Tupper in five minutes and get back to work in a comatose state. Evidently, this isn’t healthy.
So, we are back to what my parents taught me growing up

Hape toys review

Do you know the toy brand, Hape? I love these toys. They are affordable but good quality and the company has some ethics, which is great. By the way, this is not sponsored at all (I wish) but I included affiliated links to Amazon.
Hape is the world’s largest producer of wooden toys. If you go through their website you can see that they invest in the quality of their toys (they have multiple quality certifications) but also on giving back to the environment and community. This is a plus for me.