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Trying to learn German

As you might now I’m trying to improve my German. As an introvert, meeting new people can be really challenging. If you are abroad and don’t know the local language or mannerisms, it can be harder. Right now, I find it quite difficult to have 30 minutes per day to study German. I’m hoping that when my little one goes to the kindergarten I can commit to a couple of hours a day.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best by talking to my husband, watching TV and reading some news and lots of children books.

How living in Germany changed my home décor

When you live in a different country you end up picking new habits, hobbies and tastes. This also applies to home décor. When I lived in France, I enjoyed buying bouquets at the grocery. Now that I live in Germany, I think that my home décor sense has changed significantly. These are some of the things that have changed