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Being present: The importance of table manners

Being present around the table really makes food better (and feel better too). I was eating quickly and anxiously, mostly because of short work lunches. You know what I mean, those lunches (sometimes at the desk) where you devour all the food on your Tupper in five minutes and get back to work in a comatose state. Evidently, this isn’t healthy.
So, we are back to what my parents taught me growing up

How we are reducing our expense on groceries

A few weeks ago, I talked about how we started budgeting and we concluded that we should increase our monthly income (500 euros to be precise). While we figure out how to increase our income, we are focusing on reducing our expense. The first thing that got axed was Netflix (meaning that we spent 132 euros less per year).

The second thing we axed was the cost of our groceries.