Who doesn't like unsolicited advice by a total stranger?


Hi! So, I guess you found my blog. And it seems that you have too much time on your hands. Who reads the “About” section in a blog? Anyways, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope you find it entertaining.

I’m a new mum living in Germany. I don’t have friends near me and most of my day is occupied taking care of a toddler, two cats and one dog. I find myself looking for something to do when everyone is asleep. So I decided to create a blog where I could write about my many interests and give some tips about parenting, moving to a new country and responsable consume. All very interesting, right?. Hopefully I won’t bore any reader to death. Perhaps we can all learn something together!

Cheers to keeping the blog alive for more than two weeks! Also publishing the “draft” blog posts would be great!

As with any piece of advice you get from a stranger please don’t take mine to seriously.