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Budgeting update

Good morning all,

I’m giving you a quick update today on our budgeting journey. We have reduced our expenses considerably. We have axed Netflix and the boxing club as well as sticking to our 100 euros grocery weekly shop. I think that on average we are spending about 80 euros. So, slowly arriving to the 50 euros goal. I say on average because some weeks we spend 200 euros and the next we might only spend 30, the following 70. It really depends on the seasonal offers our local supermarkets have (We stock up on things like oils, canned food, etc). The hardest part is not indulging on snacks. Our main setback is that our son is still using diapers. This is one of our weekly spends we want to cut out for various reasons. I will update you on a different post about potty training.

Our parallel journey to reduce our waste has helped enormously with sticking to a budget. For example, we are using DIY cleaning products and wooden brushes for doing the dishes. I find they last longer than scrubbers.

We had two blows to our budget: A 430 euros bill for car repairs (we had calculated 600 for the whole year and as I write this post is February) and 100 euros on the electrician.

To end on a good note, we had budgeted 1000 euros for our trip to Spain to visit our family in Easter. The plane tickets cost 800. No cat sitter is needed this time and the 200 cover the dog sitter. So, that’s something.

How are you going with your budgeting journey?

Good luck!



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