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My zero waste wishlist

We are trying to cut on waste as I mentioned before. We are trying to replace non-reusable products as we use them with more ecofriendly ones.

I’m linking the products I’ll mention in this post to the Amazon store, so that you can get the reference and if you like it, find a store that sells it near you ( or use Amazon).

First of all, I’ve been searching for alternative cleaning products and utensils for the kitchen. I have found some alternatives that I hope to get soon, preferably from a physical store near me.  It turns out that you can use a loofah sponge and a wooden brush like these one to do the dishes, who knew?

More items related to the kitchen, I’m curious to try the bee’s wraps.

Right now, we are using Tuppers, cloth napkins and some silicone wrap thingys to protect loose pieces of fruit or veggies.

Other item I’m adding to my wish list are the reusable cookies sheets. I hate wasting paper every time we bake (and we try to bake every week). Has anyone of you tried these by Grillguard?

The second place we want to reduce our waste is personal hygiene. Do you have recommendations about toothpaste? We have  already switched to bamboo toothbrushes.

We like LUSH products for shampoos, creams and soaps. Fortunately, we have a shop near us in Heidelberg and our supermarket has some soap bar options.

My husband already has his but I’m trying to use up all the Venus razors I have and get a safety razor.

Finally, I was hoping to try some reusable sanitary pads (any recommendations?) or perhaps go for Thinx period underwear.

That’s all for now. It turns out that we weren’t as terrible as we thought. We already used cloth bags, reused containers and even had reusable water bottles. Still, changes are needed and ironically, we need to buy some new products.

Did you experience this contradiction too when going zero waste?


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