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Postpartum: Easy and healthy recipes

Hi all!

I hope you are doing fine. I thought I would bring you a collection of some healthy, easy to make recipes for just after having a baby. A little disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist nor a doctor. I’m just a mom with an interest in nutrition and food. I would like to make things in the kitchen easier for fellow parents. When I say they are healthy I mean that they have lots of veggies, few processed ingredients and are homemade.

These recipes are made mostly with either dried ingredients (pasta, rice, oats, etc), can food (beans, pickles, canned tomatoes, etc), frozen veggies and some staples like olive oil, coconut oil, salt, pepper and so on. The idea behind this is that you can stock these items well in advance as they last for months. So, if you want to enjoy a good meal you don’t need to run to the store with zero sleep and no shower or settle for take-out.

All recipes are vegan simply because unfreezing meat and fish takes time. I also wanted to make it accessible for as many people as possible. You can add meat and fish if you want to.

Of course, you could substitute the frozen veggies by fresh ones if you have them on hand.

I believe that most of them are quite easy to make. You don’t need to be a chef.

I will like the recipes to my original post.

I will be adding more recipes to this list as I publish them on the blog.

Please let me know if you try any of them. Good luck with your new journey as parents. It can be hard for the first months. Reward yourself with a nourishing plate.



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