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Ludo Park board game by Djeco review

This board game was a gift on my son’s second birthday and we love it. He loves playing with it. Although at the beginning he didn’t get any of the different games you can play with, he really enjoyed fishing the pieces with the magnet.
I love the design, materials and drawings. I also appreciate the fact that one board game contains different games:

  • The magnetic fishing game: The child has to fish the oval magnetic pieces with the help of a rod. It improves fine motor skills. It was a bit frustrating for him at the beginning.
  • A memory game:  This one, he is just starting to understand. The oval magnetic pieces have two sides. One of them has the same drawing, the other one has different animals: a panda, a dog,  an elephant or a beaver. You start with all pieces facing down and the child has to match the animals by turning the pieces. You can start with only eight pieces (two animals) and add the remaining pieces with time.
  • A goose game on the back of the box: We haven’t played with this one yet. Mainly because I always forget about it. It’s a simple goose game that can be played with the dice and four wooden animal figurines.
  • A lotto game with four bingo cards.
  • And finally, all the games your toddler can make up with so many pieces. For example, he loves building towers with some of the pieces or throwing the dice.

All and all, a good recommendation if you are looking for a present for a 2 or 3-year-old.

Do you have this game? Do you like it?


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