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Memories from the past

Do you have tokens for the past? Perhaps objects that belonged to someone dear to you who is no longer here? I do. They bring me joy and comfort daily.

My hands are like my late grandmother on my father size. Long fingers, long nails. I can’t look at them and not think about her. About all the afternoons I spent at her house, drawing while she talked about the past. Nostalgia is another thing I inherited for her along with her high cheekbones.

From my mother’s mom, I have a black and white photo of her at a young age. On my dinner table lays one of my most precious belongings, a cloth she made years ago and gifted me. I also wear every day a golden chain with an ankh cross she got when travelling Egypt. From her, I inherited the love for cooking, the inability to stay still at home and a nurturing nature.

These two women were so important to me. They are still so important to me.  It’s impossible to let go of the love I have for them. Why should I? Even if it means, that a part of me still lives in the past.



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