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Flying with pets

Flying with pets can be very scary. When we moved from Spain to Germany we flew with our two cats and dog. It was quite stressing.

First, we phoned the airline. They will explain you how to get the tickets and how much they will cost, as well as the specific regulations for your pet, vacc0ines, carriers, etc. There is a lot of information on-line, but it is always better to check with them. Depending on the airline, there are size and weight regulations. In our case, one of the cats and the dog flew on the cargo and the other cat could fly with us.

We also checked with our airport. The airline told us to go four hours in advance but after checking in with our airport, it wasn’t necessary. You can ask them how the embarking process is. In our case, we had to take the pets out of the carrier, go with them on our arms through the control. Then, back to the carrier. The dog and cat went to the cargo deck. The cat that could fly with us waited with us on the gate.

You will need to purchase carriers approved by IATA (you can also rent them at the airline). It’s important to fulfil this regulation. Otherwise, you might not be able to flight with them.

Check what vaccines are required on your country of destination along with those required to fly. They will also need to have a go to fly letter from your vet.

You can ask your vet about how to help your pets during the flight. Our vet didn’t recommend giving them any sedative.  Her argument was that they could have an adverse reaction. This is a fair point; how could we provide medical attention for them during the flight? Another tip she gave us is to put them a wet loofah inside the carrier. They can lick it if they are thirsty.

I hope this helps you and your furry friends. Good luck!


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