Who doesn't like unsolicited advice by a total stranger?

Single Life: Don’t be rude to singles!

With this article I hope that some readers understand why some comments are rude to singles. I want you to understand that your single friend is not overreacting when you give her/him unsolicited love advice and they shut you down. That they feel truly uncomfortable when you push them to catch the flower bouquet at a wedding or set them up with someone.

I would like you to read the articles on this list. These are different accounts about being single from different points of views. I also encourage to watch this video from College Humour.

Having read these articles and watched the video, did you change your perspective about how your single friends feel? More importantly, do you feel that you should work on yourself and your relationship and let your friends be?

Yes? Great!

No? Well, read on. My assumption is that you believe that marriage is important, probably the key to happiness and you measure everyone by this scale. Some of your single friends might feel the same. Hearing constant remarks about how they should do this or that, doesn’t help them. It makes them shut themselves, it can take them to a very dark place. Imagine that you and your spouse want to have children, without any luck. At every family reunion, your aunt asks you about baby plans. Your colleagues at work make bets about who is going to be a parent next. Your friends tease you at dinners. Wouldn’t you feel tired and ultimately, broken? You might even think that there is something wrong with you. This might be want your single friend is going through at every family reunion or social gathering.

And I say might because… when was the last time you asked your friend if he/she wanted to get marry? If she/he is happy? Marriage can be your ideal of happiness but it’s certainly not the case for everyone.

So, if you want to help your single friend (or any friend for that matter), ask them how they are doing, listen to their days, open up to them so that they know they can open up to you, relate, don’t judge and, most importantly, stop telling them how they should live their life.

Good luck!



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