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Single life: Happy Ever After

Why is it so hard to understand that you can be single for life and be happy?

In my eyes, it should be celebrated. If you live in a country were women can work, purchase properties, create companies, marry and divorce freely, be politicians, etc. Why don’t embrace all these rights and celebrate the fact that women don’t need a man to put food on the table? Being a woman in Europe, US and Canada, among others, is a privilege. Don’t belittle the fight of past generations to get this rights by getting married just because fairy tales say so.

Growing up, both fairy tales and movies end with a simple Happy Ever After. You find your prince, you get marry and, that’s it, happiness achieved!

What a lie! Being in a couple is hard. Above all if you want to have a good relationship, not stay together out of inertia. It takes lots of trust, communication and empathy.

Being in a couple because you are supposed to is soul crashing. Staying in a couple when you don’t stand each other is a nightmare.

Why are we still forcing the idea that romance is a guarantee of happiness when is not? Why is it hard to understand that you can be happier after a divorce? Or be happy if you never met “the one”? Or you met several “the ones”?  Why so many couples lie to their friends and to themselves and not admit that they aren’t truly happy?





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