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Hape toys review

When I look for toys, I look for some specific characteristics: durability, quality, materials, price, country of origin, purpose, etc. When I find a brand that ticks in all or most of my wishes, I tend to purchase from them repeatedly. That’s what I love about Hape. We currently have four toys from them. All well loved by our toddler, who has played with them very intensely.

Hape is the world’s largest producer of wooden toys. If you go through their website you can see that they invest in the quality of their toys (they have multiple quality certifications) but also on giving back to the environment and community. This is a plus for me.

The star of the show for us is this car walker. It was hard to choose one from the thousands of photos we have from it. My son, at almost two years and half, loves it to carry all his important things on our walks.


This car has been in mud, has fallen down the road, has been crashed multiple times… And it survives. The paint is still on. It still is very well balanced. I find it amazing after seeing how my son treats it that it still stands strong.


Unfortunately, I can seem to find it anywhere. But here are some other options in case you are looking for a walker.

For his little kitchen, I was looking for some food sets. I found these two for Hape E3125 Küchenzubehör Pasta-Set pasta and Hape E3116 – Gartensalat-Set 36-teilig. They were a hit this Christmas. Again, very good quality and attention to detail. The pasta boxes even have cooking instructions and an ingredient list!

Finally, I couldn’t forget our little wooden car. Ideal for a toddler’s hand, easy to manoeuvre up and down your parent’s back. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket but doesn’t weight to much. As with the car walker it has sustained multiple crashes and bumps nut it is still strong. This is still available at Amazon in different models, if you are interested.

I hope that this post was useful. I love these toys. They are affordable but good quality and the company has some ethics, which is great. By the way, this is not sponsored at all (I wish) but I included affiliated links to Amazon.

Best of lucks!


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