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10 tips for international travel with children

I thought I would share with you 10 tips for international travelling with children, seeing as we do a couple of those a year since we moved to Germany.

First, when planning your trip search for Facebook expats groups in your destination. You can ask them for advice on activities, what to visit, emergency paediatric services, hotels, etc. In my experience they are always helpful.

Second, check with your airline what are the different regulations for your children (particulary if they have different ages) and ask if they offer any special service, snack or lounge area for them.

On third place, talk to your medical insurance, do they cover any medical emergency abroad? What would be the procedure if something happened? Can you get additional coverage?

Download a map of your destination to your smartphone. You can tag museaums, restaurants and places you want to visit as well as the hotel or metro stations. This is really useful, above all if you don’t want to pay a huge phone bill or don’t like paper maps.

In a paper write the emergency, taxi, hotel and embassy phones. You can also carry a photcopy of your passport and some pocket money in case your wallet gets stolen.

Talking about safety, it might be a good idea to give your children name tags with a contact phone in case they get lost.

When it comes to travelling with children, we tend to overpack “just in case”. Try to keep it light. Plan some outfits per day, check the weather prediction ahead so you can pack accordingly. Your children can carry their own luggage. Here are three options:

–        For toddlers, a Trunki suitcase adds some fun to the airport waiting time.



–        For older children, you can consider this type of luggage by the company JAKO-O with compartments, very similar to a bookshelf. It helps to have everything in order.

Screenshot-2018-1-18 Schrank-Trolley JAKO-O

–        You can also decide against them having their own cases in favour of them carrying their own car seats as hand luggage. Although I’d say from age 3-4 as they’re heavy.


Talking about car seats, what are the driving regulations of the country? Is it safe to drive? Or is it better to use public transportation? If the latter, many cities offer special rates for tourists and can be purchased previously via Internet.


Finally, if planning is to overwhelming use a tour guide service. Some of the cater to families with young children, meaning that it will be safe, there will be breaks, and children will be able to play with other kids.

I hope this was helpful. Let me know other tips on the comment section!

Good luck!


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