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“Mastering the art of French Cooking” by Julia Child- Cookbook review

For those who don’t know her, Julia Child was an American chef known mostly by this book and her cooking TV shows. She brought French cuisine to middle class America. If you want to know more about her you can read this Wikipedia entry or watch some of her shows here.

What do I like the most about the book?

This is an educative and comprehensive cook book. You will learn about different cuts of meats, kitchen utensils, how to chop and dice among other things. It’s an encyclopaedia. It contains recipes for soups, poultry, baked good and more.

I use this book occasionally, mostly in holidays or for an special celebration. Her onion soup recipe has become an staple at our Christmas table.

What do I like the least about the book?

It’s quite dense. This is understandable as it contains so much knowledge. However, this can make it hard to read. Although it has an index, I don’t find it easy to navigate.

Would I recommend it?

This is book is for that friend that is so into cuisine that he is annoying or for your aunt. Jokes aside, this book is quite dense, packed with a lot of information so it’s better suited for someone with a deep interest in cooking.


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