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2 Years-in: Lamps and rugs from Westwing


About two years ago we started our move to Germany (I don’t think we completely moved until last Spring). We didn’t bring with us any piece of furniture (except for a cat tree and a bookshelf). We furnished our home with IKEA, Butlers, Westwing Home and Living and Amazon. I thought that it would be interesting to share with you how the purchasing experience was and how well (or bad) the items are after almost two years. This can be particularly helpful if you want to purchase any of these products second-hand (I’m not sure if all are still in catalogue, I will link them when possible).


Westwing is an eCommerce company for home & living, focused on the latest trends in home décor at reduced prices. Although its core business is in Europe it also has online shops in Brazil and Russia.


Every day Westwing launches special sales that last for a couple of weeks at maximum. The sales can be product based (rugs, kitchen utensils, cushions) or brand based (for example, KitchenAid or SMEG). Another sale can have a seasonal theme (for example, Christmas, Mother’s Day) or be based on a trend style (for example, farm chic or industrial). Sometimes the flash sales are shorter and with more aggressive discounts.

You need to create an account (or sing up via Facebook) to see the different current and upcoming sales. Each sale will indicate for how long it will remain open as well as the delivery time.  This is important. Delivery can be, for example, 6 or 8 weeks after the sale is closed. So, if the sale lasts another week, your item can arrive in 9-week times. That’s the main catch, you can’t have the items right away. For me, Westwing is great to buy accent pieces or home décor. Something that you can wait for.

They do have Westwing Now where items are delivered in less than a week but are not discounted.


I have purchased from them both in Spain and in Germany and in both places the service was satisfactory. In one instance, the item I purchased was on back order and they offered a discount voucher without asking for it.


They work with many brands. Some are big brands like Tefal or DYSON but we also bought a couple of things from a medium size Dutch manufacturer, that otherwise we wouldn’t have known of.

As they have many brands and manufacturers, the quality of the products can vary. However, I general quality is good, according to price and descriptions of the products are accurate.



  • Rugs: For me this is a great place to buy rugs. They almost always have a rug sale going on. We got all our rugs at Westwing, by different brands (but mainly Safavieh). We are happy with them. I found them easy to buy as I could filter by size and material. I also find buying rugs in a physical shop boring, so this was a plus.
  • Lamps: If buying rugs is boring, buying lamps is utterly tedious. Lamp shops are so crowded that it’s hard to focus. This was a blessing. All lamps including the bathroom one, are from Westwing. A year in and they still as good as new.
  • Miscellaneous side tables: I got two basket/side tables and a little living room table, and they were easy to assemble and good quality.
  • Miscellaneous kitchenware and utensils: They frequently have sales with kitchen gadgets, utensils, plates, bowls, coffee mugs… from different manufacturers and price points. I found more variety than at my local stores.


Yes. However, you need to be aware of the shipping times. It’s a good stop to get décor or accent pieces or to shop by styles.


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