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2 Years-in: H&M HOME -Linen and curtains


About two years ago we started our move to Germany (I don’t think we completely moved until last Spring). We didn’t bring with us any piece of furniture (except for a cat tree and a bookshelf). We furnished our home with IKEA, Butlers, Westwing Home and Living and Amazon. I thought that it would be interesting to share with you how the purchasing experience was and how well (or bad) the items are after almost two years. This can be particularly helpful if you want to purchase any of these products second-hand (I’m not sure if all are still in catalogue, I will link them when possible).


H&M HOME is part of the Swedish company H&M. There are not many physical shops selling H&M HOME products, but you can purchase them via their online shop. Delivery is quik, you usually have your items in less than a week.


I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of their linens and curtains. I love that I had a variety of products to select from their CONCIOUS line.


  • Linens: All my linens are from the CONCIOUS line, the material is good quality and breathable. The colours last very well. Designs are beautiful, and I find the easier to put over the duvet as they have two slits on the top.
  • Curtains: I love my curtains they are made of linen. Again, good quality, easy to set up and they still look as new.


Yes, for linens and curtains. I haven’t bought any other item so I’m not sure of the quality. I appreciate that they have a wide selection of products under the CONCIOUS line.


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