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2 Years-in: Butlers


About two years ago we started our move to Germany (I don’t think we completely moved until last Spring). We didn’t bring with us any piece of furniture (except for a cat tree and a bookshelf). We furnished our home with IKEA, Butlers, Westwing Home and Living and Amazon. I thought that it would be interesting to share with you how the purchasing experience was and how well (or bad) the items are after almost two years. This can be particularly helpful if you want to purchase any of these products second-hand (I’m not sure if all are still in catalogue, I will link them when possible).


Butlers is a German retailer that sells furniture and décor. They have both physical and online stores.


After six months living in Germany I found this store in Heidelberg. I thought that it had cute stuff like kitchenware and some very inexpensive seasonal décor. It was like IKEA meets Zara Home and Tiger. A couple of moths later, as I was working from home, I was looking for a secretary desk. What I found was either too small or too expensive. Somehow I ended on Butlers web page. I saw a piece of furniture that combined a vitrine with a desk and had plenty of storage. When I wasn’t working I wold easily tidy up and forget about work. I adddded it to my cart. I was also looking for a two seat sofa, I saw one very mid-century inspired and I jumped on it.

I thought that the items would be IKEA quality. Perhaps I got two bad pieces but their quality is not the best. Prices were a bit higher than IKEA.

The Bookshelf/vitrine/ desk is gorgeous and I’m well aware that a similar piece made of real wood will cost much more. However, the vitrine doors are a bit flimsy. It was a sahme that I didn’t find any piece like this in a second-hand store. We are happy with its storage and if we ever move we will take it with us. However, I expected a bit more.

The sofa is more comfortable than what it looks in pictures. The bottom cushion seems to be very strongly built. You could jump without fear of breaking it. However, the sofa wasn’t assembled when it was delivered. We had to put the legs. And let me tell you that it wasn’t easy as they aren’t perpendicular to the base and they had a weird system with a screw. We aren’t particularly bad at assembling furniture, so it was quite surprising to have issues with a sofa. The instructions weren’t very clear either. They just had a picture of the leg and screw. I think we need a couple of steps more. They instructions, however, detailed in three steps how to put the three cushions the sofa came with.


No, perhaps we weren’t lucky. I think that the best would be to see the products on the physical store.


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