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Trying to reduce our waste

IMG_20180124_160043309.jpgThey say that parenthood changes you, they are right. Still, I wasn’t aware to what extent. Some of the things that changed was my concern about environment. My nurturing nature extended from the baby and my pets to the whole planet. I couldn’t stop thinking about how we harm farm animals and nature. I felt guilty drinking milk or eating meat. This was one of the main reasons we reduced drastically our dairy and meat consumption.

Lately, we have been very focused on trash. How can we reduce de amount of waste we produce? Although we are not big spenders, although we don’t do takeout, plastic and cardboard seem to creep out of nowhere.

We decided to start slow and make some more changes hoping to reduce our waste.

We are generally pretty conscious about food. We don’t usually throw it away and we avoid processed food. In the past weeks, we have been actively avoiding some brands just because of the amount of packaging they have. At the fruit and vegetable aisle we avoid bagging. It’s perfectly ok to have them loose on your cart or use cloth bags.

When it comes to meat and fish, we tend to buy whole pieces (a whole chicken or a whole ham means less package). You can get a lot of meals out of one whole chicken, for example, you can roast it for Sunday lunch, freeze the leftovers for a pasta sauce, use some meat for salads or sandwich or make a broth with the carcass. We usually only have meat on Sundays, this means that with just one chicken we can eat quite a few weekends.

When possible, we buy in bulk or get the bigger package of cleaning products, toilet paper, dry or canned ingredients and cat litter. Generally speaking, the more quantity, the less package.

Here, in Germany, in every supermarket there is a recycling station where you can remove any unnecessary packaging. This idea is great! Supermarkets theoretically let manufacturers know about what consumers recycle on those bins. The idea behind this is for brands to avoid unnecessary packaging. Isn’t this a wonderful idea?

When we were in Spain, I home-made some cleaning products. It’s time to do it again. It’s straightforward, unexpansive and efficient. If you are interested in doing your own cleaning products, check this blog post from Clean My Space.

We covered groceries, food, cleaning products…The last point is our Achilles’ heel, Amazon deliveries. Luckily, we are budgeting and cutting on expenses, this means that Amazon is off-limits.

Do you have any tips to start a waste zero life? Accounts and blogs to follow?

Thanks, and good luck!


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