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2 Years-in: Some appliances bought in Amazon

When were in the process of moving to Germany, we didn’t have a car and we didn’t have much time to go from store to store. We decided to get our fridge, kitchen and washing machine from Amazon.

In these three cases the seller wasn’t Amazon. Still, the experience was excellent. The companies called us beforehand to agree a time for the delivery and they were kind enough to take the washing machine to the basement. Some of them offered to install the appliances. It was overall a good experience.

We can’t say the same about the appliances we bought (except for the washing machine). We were in a rush and very budget conscious, most likely we didn’t make the best choices for the fridge and kitchen.

  • We got this fridge by the brand Bauknecht. Unfortunately it didn’t perform as we expected is quite nosy and the temperature is not even.
  • We purchased this hood and oven combo from Gorenje. It gets the job done but it’s not excellent.
  • Washing machine: We got a BOSCH washing machine. It washes very well, even considering that my husband works  as a welder. We often run the Eco program and it washes wonderfully. No complains here.

To conclude my review, the service was great. However, we didn’t choose the right products.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!





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