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2 Years-in: Some IKEA furniture review

I’m continuing with the series I started yesterday about furniture we purchased when moving to Germany. In these posts I review the quality of the furniture as well as the general service provided by the retailer. I thought this could come handy to anyone considering buying any of these pieces (first or second hand). To furnish our home one of the stops, well, the main stop was IKEA. IKEA is convenient, they deliver at home, you can purchase online, and they have all you can need. The downsize is that it is not the most environmental company. But with a baby and abroad you want to have some basic pieces of furniture ASAP.

While we were searching for second hand furniture, we realized that without a car or a van and a buddy to help us, it would be impossible. The first purchase we made online whilst me and my baby were still on Spain (these are all the items I’m reviewing today). The second purchase was made once we had a clear idea of how we wanted to make the kitchen (in Germany, housing generally comes without an equipped kitchen). I might do a separate post about our ordeal with the kitchen one day.



I’ll go room by room explaining what we got, its quality and durability.

  • Guest room/my son’s room

BRIMNES Day-bed w 2 drawers/2 mattresses: This bed is wonderful. It was a pain to assemble but worthy. You can use it as a single bed or a double, either way it’s very comfortable. The drawers are spacious. We store in there bulky items, like the nursing pillow and winter blankets.

MALM Chest of 3 drawers in light blue. I’m not sure if this colour is still available. It’s a shame because it’s quite pretty and, surprisingly, very durable. We keep all our toddler’s clothes and diapers there. Very functional. Very inexpensive. Please anchor any furniture to the wall, specially if you have children.

  • Our bedroom

FJELL chest of drawers: Well, these two were a great purchase. Again, not very easy to assemble, particularly the drawer’s rail. But once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. I decided to purchase these drawers because we are folders (we don’t hang many clothes and don’t need many fancy clothes). There was no need for a big wardrove covering the whole wall. This chest of drawer has a bigger drawer on the bottom, which is particularly useful for cardigans and jumpers. We store 80% of our clothes in these chests and still have space for our linens and a junk drawer. I’d say it’s quality is not bad, but they don’t feel as sturdy as they look.

UNDREDAL wardrobe: This wardrobe is simply beautiful. I like its masculine design and the clear doors. It’s quite ample inside. When setting it up, it’s best to do it with a buddy and inside the room where you want to put it. It’s quite high (it might not fit through your door) and heavy once built.

ESPEVÄR slatted mattress in dark beige: We are happy with this slatted mattress. It’s comfortable and looks like it can last quite a few years. We have two cats who unexpectedly haven’t destroyed it yet. We opted to buy a mattress at a different store, so I can’t review how it is combined with the HAMARVIK mattress.

  • Living room

Dining table: Unfortunately, I can’t find it on the IKEA catalogue. I believe it was from the line NORDEN. It’s a shame because it’s simple and good quality1479653271437. The drop-leaf is really practical (although we had to remove it because our toddler loved to swing it). It’s a good find for a thrift store. I see it lasting years and years and years.

STOCKHOLM cabinet with two drawers in green: This is a cabinet that everybody hates but me. Ha! Well, I find it aesthetically pleasant. The colour pops but isn’t loud. You can store a lot inside. It has two spacious drawers. It also has a shelf. The main problem with this one is that it’s heavy and doesn’t come with an anchor system (we improvised one).

Well, that’s it! I hope that this was somewhat interesting for some of you.

Best of luck!



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