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2 Years-in: moKee cot

Our MoKee cot

This is a new series where I review some of the pieces of furniture we bought two years ago when we started our move to Germany. We only brought two pieces of furniture with us: the custom cat tree and these modular shelves/boxes. I thought that my reviews would be useful in case you are planning to get any of these items second-hand.

One of our latest purchases was this cot by moKee. We are mostly co-sleepers, so it wasn’t one of our priorities. Still, I wanted to have the option for him to sleep on his own bed just in case. There was a time were any movement waked him up, he briefly slept better on his cot. Now, at two years and half he takes his naps on the cot and sleeps half of the night on his cot, half on a bed in his room with me.

Enough with my son’s sleeping patterns and on to the cot.

I liked the cot for its simplicity and the calm colours. It is easy to assembly. I remember assembling it carrying my son on the baby wrap and working mostly with one hand. It comes with something like the IKEA Allen key, very easy to use. You just need this key to assembly it. We have since dissembled it to remove one of the laterals and to move the mattress up and down. It’s very light making it easy to move around. The materials seem durable and the paint hasn’t chipped. I chose to add the drawer to the cot. It’s very practical to keep the cot sheets and more bulky clothing items. The mattress we chose is the foam one. It looks comfortable enough, my son hasn’t complained about it. Finally, we also got the waterproof fitting sheets which are, in fact, waterproof.

My purchase experience was excellent. The delivery might take a while as some of the products are made by hand and on demand. That’s another thing that I loved about MoKee, the fact that they are the manufacturer, use quality materials and skip the retailers.

I’m really happy with this cot. I see it lasting for a few more babies (Not, mine, Ha! I will probable pass it on donate it once my son no longer needs it). I would say five stars out of five.


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