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Some things that will help you during your postpartum

If you or your partner are expecting, congratulations! As important as preparing for labour is, you shouldn’t forget about what comes next. I’m not talking about setting up a nursery, I’m talking about taking care of yourself and your partner. You need healthy parents for a healthy baby.

These are some of the things I found useful during my postpartum

  • Having a bottle of water always full by my side
  • Healthy food and snacks
  • Cushions, donuts and baby pillows.
  • A support system of family and friends. If you don’t have one, actively search for a tribe during your pregnancy.
  • A rhythm, not a routine. In the beginning having a schedule is hard and frustrating. However, you can have a rhythm with your baby: We wake up, have breakfast, walk with dog, go to the park/beach/garden/forest, lunch and so on so forth. Regardless of the time on the watch, there is some rhythm to your daily life. This will help you enormously.
  • A cleaning schedule detailing just the bare minimum tasks needed to take care of your home and baby. What is important is that this schedule has been agreed by all the family members, that all know what cleaning the kitchen means (is it only washing the dishes? Floors mopped? Dishes dried? Dishwasher emptied once it’s done?). Most of confrontations about household takes are caused by a lack of understanding of what is important, what and when needs to be done and who should do it. Be clear about this during pregnancy. If you think that this is going to be an issue and your family members won’t help, outsource, hire a cleaning service for a couple of hours a week.
  • Old underwear or disposable one for leaks
  • Old towels or disposable bed protectors for leaks and baby throw-ups.
  • Being outside, you might not have energy to walk, but simply being outside on a park’s bench is refreshing. Being 24/7 at home looking at undone laundry doesn’t help. Having some fresh air does wonders to a tired body and mind.
  • A daily shower or some sort of selfcare routine.
  • Listening to podcasts or music
  • A baby wrap or carrier. Set those hands free!
  • New underwear, pyjamas and comfy outfits. This was one of the best things I could have done during my pregnancy, during sales I bought new underwear, pyjamas and some outfits that were easy to wear and lounge at home but that I could also wear outside (if you are wondering, comfy think leggings, long shirts in different patterns and materials and nursing tanks). I cleared my wardrobe and just kept what I was going to wear.
  • NO NEGATIVE INFLUENCES wether its real life or social media, do not tolerate negative comments. Don’t follow accounts that make you feel less of you.

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Best of luck!



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