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Trying to learn German

As you might now I’m trying to improve my German. As an introvert, meeting new people can be really challenging. If you are abroad and don’t know the local language or mannerisms, it can be harder. Right now, I find it quite difficult to have 30 minutes per day to study German. I’m hoping that when my little one goes to the kindergarten I can commit to a couple of hours a day.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best by talking to my husband, watching TV and reading some news and lots of children books. You might find yourself in a similar situation, so here are some suggestions to learn German the lazy way:

  • Social media: If you have Facebook, start following German news sites and blogs. Every time you open Facebook and scroll down you will be forced to read at least some German. If the article is of your interest, click and read it even if you don’t understand half of it.
  • German Youtubers: This one is tricky because Germany has various dialects. My suggestion is to choose channels with topics that interest you and from YouTubers in your region so that you can pick up on local accents and expressions.
  • Force yourself to go out: Go for a coffee, to the groceries or to walk the dog. Try to do some small talk even if it looks forced something about the weather for example. You can practice at home and memorize dialogues, for example: What a cute dog! What’s his name?
  • Watch TV: I’m not a big fan of German drama shows mostly because many are about detectives, crimes and mysteries. Good news is that if you like CSI you will have plenty of shows to learn from. You can watch the daily news or documentaries on ZDFinfo or ARTE.
  • Children books: As you can imagine children books are educative, I really recommend the series Wieso? Weshalb? Warum? By Ravensburger.
  • Music: This entry published in Fluentu really helped me figure out who to listen to.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I hope I helped some of you.

Best of luck!



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