Who doesn't like unsolicited advice by a total stranger?

Respecting another women’s choice. About formula-shaming and breast-shaming.

Please take a few minutes to go through the articles linked on this blog post. They are good articles with valuable information.

Oftentimes the Internet can be a dark place. If you visit popular websites, social media accounts and forums about motherhood or parenting, you can easily find vile comments either formulashaming or breastshaming moms. It really breaks my heart to read this comments for various reasons:

  • They reflect the lack of knowledge about breastfeeding
  • They show how many mothers are hurt, stressed, angry or ensured about their parenting choices.
  • Only the most extreme voices are heard. Those in the middle get lost with all the hate or afraid to leave a comment.
  • It puts an additional burden on the administrators of these pages, who must spend money and effort in monitoring and deleting such comments.
  • They can burden a new mom. She might be afraid to ask for help (online or in person) in case she is shamed.
  • Most importantly, THEY DIVIDE US. Making it easier for companies to profit from us and for governments to ignore our requests.

What if we all joined together? In the end, everything a mother wants is for their children to grow safe and healthy.

There are many reasons why a woman might choose to formula-feed. In a time when we are constantly talking about consent, about a woman’s control over her own body, we should respect moms whatever their choice is.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t support and promote breastfeeding. However, our effort should be mostly addressed to politicians and law makers and to the medical community. Politicians and law makers can implement measures to make it easier to breastfeed and work. They should also make laws to prohibit some marketing campaigns by formula manufacturers, spreading false ideas and profiting off parents. As well as ensuring that milk is safe to drink, ethically sourced and its virtues are scientifically proven.

Lastly, caregivers should be more educated on the matter. Formula shouldn’t be distributed as a gift at hospitals. Hospitals are medical care facilities not trade shows.  It’s incredible to hear the things some doctors, nurses and paediatricians say. How can a new mom successfully breastfeed if those who should know, don’t?

WHY DON’T WE ALL JOIN FORCES? Instead of fighting each other on the Internet, fight together for more work-life balance, longer paid maternity/paternity leaves, more lactation specialists, for doctors who aren’t sales representatives of the big pharma, more research on baby formula and, if I don’t go to far, for the end of patriarchy?

I hope this sets the tone for my first series on breastfeeding. An open and welcoming space where I will talk about:

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming this week!



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