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Toddler Activities: Playing with buttons

Buttons. I remember playing with them as a kid. Both my grandma and my mon had a great collection of buttons ( You can see some of them pictured here). While looking at ways to entretein my son, I thought of them. I was sure my mom and aunt still had tons of buttons laying around. I wasn’t wrong. They passed me along a bag full of their biggher buttons. My son went crazy. We even had apple shaped buttons!

Being inspired by the blogs Days with Grey and Busy Toddler I came up with some activities to do with my son.

  • Sensory bins: Dump all your buttons in a container and let them have a feel. Here is a great post about how sensory bins work.
  • Motor skills activities: You can ask your toddler to pick by hand ( or using tongs) each button and move them from a container to another. You can also make of this a bath time activity by asking them to “fish” the buttons with a strainer.
  • Sorting activities: by color, texture or shape.
  • Ordering from big to small.
  • Tracing shapes and letters (Pre writting activities): Draw a shape, for example a circle, and ask your toddler to trace the circle with buttons.
  • Counting and learning the value of each number: You can count buttons. But you can also teach them how many buttons are in each number. Susie from BusyToddler.com explains in details how this works here.
  • Arithmetic: Addition, subtraction and fractions.

All this activities are easy to prepare. It won’t take you more than five minutes. You will need to show your toddler what you want them to do. Don’t force them and go with the flow. Sometimes it takes a couple of sessions for them to understand the goal of the exercise.

I hope you and your toddler enjoy these activities! Let me know in the comment section other fun ideas with buttons!

Buttons are a choking hazard. Keep an eye on your toddler while playing with him. Be present. Pick up all buttons you move to another activity.


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