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Parentig: The two year old mark hit me hard

I love being a parent. I love being a present parent and active. I like to turn off the TV and go out with my toddler. I love playing with him. But I must admit, a two-year-old is not easy to handle. It’s quite overwhelming. I think that it would be easier if he was in kindergarten (good luck getting a kindergarten for an under three-year-old here in Germany) or if I could rely on near family to have some me time.

Do any of you, lovely readers, feel the same?

Perhaps I have set myself for failure. I expect a lot from myself when it comes to parenting. I had to come to terms with the fact that I’m doing some of the things I swore I would never do.

For example, TV and media. It was a big NO for me. We watch about an hour of TV on weekdays as a family after dinner. But other than that, until recently we didn’t watch cartoons. I didn’t want him to be a TV zombie. Now I find myself turning on the TV, so I can do the dishes. It’s not that he is watching TV all day long. I feel very conflicted about this. I don’t judge parents who put Peppa Pig non-stop. But I somehow feel like I failed him.

Naps are starting to get shorter and shorter. How I fear they disappear! I really don’t know how he gets his energy! It’s not like he sleeps more than eight hours a night.

We are quite active too. We walk the dog twice a day together. Go to the park every morning, where he climbs and jumps. Then, a long walk on his bike. Activities at home. He even vacuums sometimes! How can he not be exhausted?

I sure am. Keeping calm and being sympathetic with him is hard some days. Some days going to the bakery takes an hour. A whole hour. It shouldn’t take more  than 10 minutes. But we have to say hello to all the cats on our neighbourhood, look for snails, etc. It’s really cute. Cute, cute, cute until you need to wee, and your toddler doesn’t move. 10 meters become a marathon. Oh, the battle of the wills!

I believe that parenthood comes in seasons. I have enjoyed a long summer since he was born. Now it feels like we are amid winter. I need to adapt to the harsher weather. Take it one step at a time and look forward to spring.

What season are you in?

Best of luck!


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