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Expecting? What you really need to get ready for your baby. (Part II)

This is a continuation to this blog post “Expecting? What you really need to get ready for your baby. (Part I)” where I covered the non-material things you need for your baby.

In this post I will talk about the bare minimal physical things your baby needs:

  • Shelter: Your baby will need a safe place to live. It doesn’t need to be a fancy house. It doesn’t need to be perfectly decorated. New-borns and toddlers don’t need much space. So, don’t worry if your house isn’t big. They just need a clean uncluttered safe space. Be sure to anchor your furniture to the walls.  Move out of her reach any dangerous substance or tool.
  • A place to sleep: There are multiple sleeping arrangements: co-sleeping with mom, co-sleeping with both parents, sleeping on a cot, on their own room, on a Finnish baby box, etc. If you are not sure what solution works for you don’t set up their bedroom yet. You can rely on hand-me-downs and try a few solutions. See what works best for your family.
  • Food: For at least the first six months babies only need their mom’s milk or formula. If you choose to exclusively bottle-feed don’t buy the whole set of bottles and nipples. Instead buy a few options. What works for a baby might not work for yours. Some babies have a hard time with some nipples. Other babies need special bottles to avoid reflux.  The same applies to formula. Ask your friends and paediatrician for recommendations. Keep a few options on hand. Most pharmacies and hospitals rent out pumps. If you are breastfeeding, you can consider this option before investing in a manual or electrical pump.
  • Hygiene products: I’m of the opinion that here less is more. Look for simple products like aloe oil. Avoid perfumes and don’t overdo it. You don’t need to bath your new-born daily. You can clean her with a dump cloth. Some babies can have allergic reactions to body creams and soaps. Keep an eye open when applying a new product. With regards to diapers, don’t stock up just yet. My baby was tiny when he was born. All clothes were ridiculously big. Even the diapers fell off. We didn’t use our stock for the first month. Buy a few sizes and brands. See what works best for your babies. We experience some leaks and had to change brand. By the way, you don’t need to use diapers at all. Have you heard of Elimination Communication?
  • Clothing: Don’t buy the whole wardrove just yet. Babies come in many sizes and forms. Some are small but chubby. Some are long legged. Some are tiny, and some are big. Some babies are always cold while others are sweaty. Buy a few items with different sizes and fits.  You can always buy more.
  • A safe mean of transport: Carrier, prim, push-chair, wrap…
  • Car seat (if you have a car)

Pro-tip: Create an Amazon wish-list of the things you might need, from clothing to nipples to another diaper brand. If you end up needing something, Amazon usually delivers in a couple of days or a family member or friend can buy it at a local store with the product description.

Best of luck!


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